My mother demanded that I give my disabled child to an orphanage, but I refused.

I never had a good relationship with my mother. After she demanded that I give up my child to an orphanage, fearing it might affect my sister’s relationship, I generally avoided communicating with her.

My parents always favored my younger sister, and I felt like a trial version of them. Despite my attempts to gain their attention and love, they dismissed me, deciding not to spend extra money on me. I had to survive in such conditions, dreaming of having a good family, which led me to marry at the age of 20.

A year later, I became pregnant, and though the pregnancy was challenging, the doctors managed to save the baby. However, our child was born with Down syndrome, catching us completely unprepared. The first two weeks were a blur, but then I pulled myself together and started caring for the baby.

For six months, my husband tried to accept having a child with special needs, but unfortunately, he couldn’t. He honestly admitted he could never love a disabled child and asked for a divorce.

“Please, Katya, let me go. I can never love Yegorka. It will be better for all of us!” my husband said, and I agreed to the divorce. He transferred the apartment to me, packed his bags, and left. We parted as friends, and I believe he did what he thought was right.

When I divorced Kolya, my mother didn’t visit me or provide any support. She only called a few times in two years. Then, suddenly, she came to see me a week ago, trying to convince me to send my child to an orphanage.

“You’re still so young! Raising such a child is so difficult! You can always reconcile with Kolya or find another husband!” my mother said. I looked at her in surprise since she had never cared about my life, and now she seemed overly concerned. Something was off. Eventually, she admitted that my sister Sveta had a fiancé from a wealthy family, and she feared that if they discovered Sveta had a sister with a disabled child, they might forbid their son from marrying her due to concerns about heredity.

“Do you understand that your stubbornness can ruin your sister’s life? Give up this child to an orphanage or leave our city altogether!” my mother demanded.

I categorically refused to send my child to an orphanage. My mother left, and I told her I never wanted to see her again. Most likely, I will follow her advice and leave this city to avoid any chance encounters with my sister or mother.

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