“My mother-in-law constantly brought her daughter’s child, even though I had a baby myself, but one time my nerves couldn’t handle it.”

grew up with my husband in the same yard, almost the same age. We were always together; I finished school while he served in the military. We even decided to apply to the same university.
Eventually, we got married, and at 29, I gave birth to our son, who is now three months old. Everything is fine, and our relationship is wonderful. I love him, and he loves us. However, the issue is with my mother-in-law and sister-in-law. They don’t give me peace; throughout my pregnancy, they kept leaving their child with me.

When I gave birth, I had no free time; my baby is demanding, cries a lot, not an easy one. But my in-laws with their child also don’t calm down. They don’t understand refusal and my husband told them it’s hard for me with two children, but they don’t care. They show up at my house uninvited, saying it’ll be just for five minutes, but end up staying the whole day. Recently, my mother-in-law planned to go to the dacha, and my sister-in-law went to the sea for vacation. Whom did they leave their child with? Of course, with me. She left, abandoning him in the kitchen while I was breastfeeding my baby.

I picked up her grandson and brought him to the train station. When I came back, there was a scandal at home. “You should take care of the child! Whom else can I leave him with? I can’t take him to the dacha; it’s raining, he might get sick,” said my mother-in-law. “He has a mother and a grandmother; I’m a stranger to you. I don’t owe you anything,” I replied. “How dare you?! You don’t understand anything! You got married yourself, and my daughter is alone.
She’s young; she needs to build her life,” she argued. “Well, let her build her life with her child. What’s my role in this? That’s it; with my actions, I became the enemy number one for my mother-in-law. Do you think taking the child to the grandmother at the train station was unnecessary?”

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