“My sister has been married for almost ten years and has five boys. But it seems she’s pregnant again. But this time, a huge surprise awaited us. He came home as a group of four.”

I’m pregnant again!” my sister exclaimed joyfully. “Why be happy about it when you already have five children?” I remarked.

“What if this time it’s a girl? We’ve tried all the traditional methods for that,” my sister replied. She had been married for almost ten years and had already given birth to five boys. However, she had always dreamed of having a daughter to dress up in beautiful dresses and comb her long hair, but it just hadn’t happened. And now, she was pregnant again.

My sister had already gotten used to motherhood, to the status of being a mother. The only thing she worried about was having a daughter who would run around the apartment.

“She’ll have auburn hair and blue eyes, just like mine,” my sister gleefully exclaimed.

My sister and her husband lived in a huge house inherited from their parents. As far as I knew, they also had savings, and the state provided good support. Plus, my brother-in-law had a stable income. So, taking care of another child shouldn’t be a problem, especially since the older children were becoming more independent. They also had grandparents and many relatives ready to help at any moment.

For nine months, my sister and her husband waited eagerly to find out the gender of their future child, but the baby always hid on ultrasounds.

“My little modest one, it must be a girl for sure,” my sister would say.

Finally, the long-awaited day arrived: the delivery, the maternity ward, and the partnership of my sister and her husband. “Congratulations, you have a healthy, wonderful child,” they were told.

My sister had hoped so much for a girl, but once again, she had given birth to a boy. Her husband, not disheartened by this, decided to fulfill his wife’s dream. A young mother in the maternity ward had unexpectedly decided to give up her newborn daughter. The next day, my sister’s husband brought all the necessary adoption papers for that little girl. They went home as a family of four.

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