My wife was supposed to check out from the tax office an hour ago, but she still wasn’t there. I decided to go to her room myself, but as I approached it, I heard loud noises.

So, after seven years of marriage, we gradually realized that we were very different, almost like strangers, and saw no point in continuing our relationship. and I had a charming daughter, Milanka. After the divorce, we remained friends, and I left them the apartment, taking Milana with me every other weekend.

Soon, I got married to the woman I loved,. We worked together in the same company, and it seemed like we were made for each other. was very kind to my daughter, and sometimes we went to the movies together.

“Darling, tomorrow is Saturday, my mother is expecting us for a visit,” told me in the evening.

“All right, dear. We’ll go for a visit, as you say,” I replied with a smile.

“Rom, just let’s not take Milana with us tomorrow, okay? You know my parents won’t approve of it,” Ksenia said.

“What do you mean, ‘won’t approve’? Your parents were in favor of our marriage, and they know very well that I have a daughter. I left my wife, not my child!” I protested.

“Yes, you’re right. But is it too much to ask you to leave Milana behind tomorrow? Do you not love me?” my wife pouted.

“Ksenia, you’re a grown-up, but you’re acting like a capricious girl. I love you, but I promised my daughter to spend the weekend with her, and I’m not going to deceive her because of your whims,” I said and went to bed.

The next day, I went to pick up my daughter.

“Hello, Roma. I have a favor to ask. I need to go away for about ten days next week. Could Milanka stay with you during that time?” Natalia asked me.

“Hurray, I’ll be living with Dad!” Milanka clapped her hands.

I smiled at my daughter and patted her head. “Of course, why are you even asking?” I said to my former wife.

We went home together. “Milanka, we’ve been invited to someone’s house today. Ksenia’s aunt’s parents. Would you like to come?” I asked my daughter.

“Let’s go, Daddy. I’ll behave well, you don’t worry,” she said seriously.

“All right, I won’t worry. I know you’re well-behaved and polite,” I smiled.

When we got home, I found that had already left. There was a note on the table: “I’ve gone to my mom’s, I’ll be back late.” So, my wife had gone alone. Well, it was her decision. I felt a bit uneasy, and for some reason, I felt sorry for my daughter.

“Milanka, our plans have changed. Today we’re going to the amusement park!” I told my daughter.

We spent the whole day having fun, had dinner at a cafe, and then went home. Ksenia was sitting in a chair, watching TV. She greeted Milanka coldly and went to bed.

“Rom, we need to talk seriously,” she said.

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