No longer children: What the tomboys from the “Difficult Child” look like after 30 years

We saw this movie many years ago. And now we are watching it with some kind of trepidation, and we feel like children, each time laughing at the jokes of the main characters. In the nineties, foreign cinema was replenished with an adventure film about the tricks of a little boy and his girlfriend.

This exciting family comedy was liked not only by children, but also by adults. Therefore, we decided to tell you how, thirty years after filming, the life of the main characters of the film, Michael Oliver and Yvianne Schwan, developed. On the screen, their characters were not just hyperactive, but even, one might say, explosive. It is worth emphasizing that both one and the other actor have now also become parents. But their film career did not work out. Although, let’s talk about everything in order.

Michael came into this film as a nine year old boy. Red hair, a sly look, an unfriendly smirk – these are the main features of Michael, according to which he was gladly taken to the role of a naughty tomboy. This is how, according to the director, an unbalanced joker should look.

At the moment, the tomboy “Junior” is already forty years old – he has reached the age of his on-screen father, whose role in the aforementioned film was played by actor – John Ritter. Michael is a deeply married man, as they say. And we hope happy, because he does what he loves – music.

Yvianne Schwan – this little actress at that time was a worthy on-screen opponent of the main bully of the film. Now this cute adorable wretch is already thirty-seven years old. And just as her colleague on the set has an unenviable filmography, she also has only two films on the list of film projects.

But the girl is not upset by this seemingly sad fact, because she has found her place in the filming of commercials. Another young woman is seriously engaged in a musical career. In the year 2000, she managed to debut with the music album “Daisies”. In 2012, Ivian had a child.

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