“No more spots: the extraordinary child with the ‘mask’ on his face has recovered.”

No more stains”: the extraordinary boy with the “mask” on his face has recovered. This child recently became famous worldwide, but you wouldn’t wish such fame on even your worst enemy. In fact, Luna Fenner was born with a rare skin condition: nevus.

It was necessary to address the issue as it almost completely covered the girl’s face. The cost of the 80 planned surgeries proposed by American scientists turned out to be unsustainable for Luna’s parents.

However, there was a risk that the area could turn into a malignant formation, which could not be allowed, so time could not be wasted. Pavel Popov, a Russian surgeon, learned about our little heroine at that very moment and offered to help and treat her much more gently than his foreign colleagues.

Following their consent, the parents moved to Russia and stayed there for almost two years, during which numerous medical procedures were performed one after another. It is important to emphasize that the girl is now completely free from the stain that some had previously referred to as the “Batman mask.” The child’s face still bears scars, but with some more specialized treatments, they will be practically invisible.

The girl’s mother is relieved that the worst is over, but one incident refuses to leave her mind. When she took her son to church for the first time, another girl was present. When she saw Luna, she asked her mother in amazement what was happening with the child. Her mother replied that he was a “monster” and ordered her not to look at the child.

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