One of the most beautiful models of all time: How she looks now

The future actress and model was born in a small town located in Wisconsin. She studied at the best school in New Richmond in the same state. After the girl graduated from high school, she immediately went to New York. In Minnesota, she went to college to study fashion design. The height of the girl is 1.78 meters.

Since the model was christened Kate Upton, she made huge strides in fashion design and moved to Los Angeles after that. Despite the fact that the girl is only 25 years old, she starred in many films and showed her best side. More than one million fans have accumulated on her Instagram page, who daily follow the updates of their favorite actress and model.

Every day she uploads several of her photos, gaining thousands of views and likes in a matter of seconds. Many fans like the girl’s appearance, because she looks stunning in all the photos. Antje likes to be photographed a lot and take full-length photos to show everyone her beautiful and elegant figure.

Although the actress has many candid photos, the number of her fans is increasing every day. Some people like not only the appearance of a woman, but also her charisma and kindness.
In 2016, Antje starred in the film Sable as Anastasia. The girl liked to act in the film, so in the future she wants to appear on TV screens even more.

Many viewers liked the film precisely because this actress was there, because this role suited her and no one could imagine anyone else in her place.

The motion picture became quite popular, because not only Antje played her role well, but also other actors. In addition to the film, Antje Utgaard has also acted in a large number of videos and commercials.

Almost all companies fight for her and want her to star in their commercials. Although the videos are short, but even in such a short period of time, the girl was able to show all of herself and give it her all.

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