Parents have been waiting for this baby for a long time, she is conquering everyone’s hearts with her beauty. Look at her today

She slowly descended the stairs, holding her newborn baby in her arms. As she exited the building, she witnessed her belongings being thrown out of the window. “We don’t want to see you here anymore!” her mother-in-law shouted. She stopped and stared in alienation at the spot where her things had fallen, thinking, “What a strange puddle… How quickly the hat and coat sink… The coat!”

More comfortably, she held her daughter and stepped into the cold water in her sneakers. Retrieving her passport and wallet from her jacket pocket, she continued walking. Wet and dirty clothes remained lying in the puddle. “Daughter, did they really kick you out?” Ivanovna, mother, asked. silently nodded. She really didn’t want to talk, but she understood it was necessary. “Once you’ve arrived at your parents’ house with your child, without clothes and much money, you have to answer their questions,” thought.

“Let me talk to them. How could they throw their daughter and granddaughter onto the street?” father, suggested. Galina placed a tea cup on the table and replied, “Dad, there’s no need to go to them. You won’t achieve anything. Lisa doesn’t look like either of us; her hair is red. Ilya has made up his mind that I cheated on him. Besides, his mother never liked me from the start.”

“I see your clothes are still there,” noted. “I took everything I needed. The coat and hat were thrown out the window by my mother-in-law, and I didn’t bother picking them up. Those were gifts from Ilya; let him retrieve them. Maybe he can give them to his mother or his new wife,” replied.

“We’ve known for a long time… Before you two got married, she dreamed of seeing Ilya with, her friend’s daughter. They wanted to arrange a meeting,” mentioned. “Well, she can have the coat and hat, then,” responded.

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