Pitbull saved the child from the fire risking her life

Everyone knows that animals are superior to humans in many ways. For example, there are cases when an animal could sense an approaching danger several hours before it happens. These are far from empty words, because there were many such situations.

There are plenty of stories when pets saved the lives of not only their owners, but also ordinary people from floods, fires or earthquakes. Animals have a lightning-fast reaction, thanks to which a pet can notify a person in advance of an impending disaster. Today we will tell you another case that proves that four-legged friends are like guardian angels.

Latana lives in sunny California. She still remembers with tears when her dog named Sasha saved her daughter.That night Sasha barked loudly and did not stop. The girl immediately realized that this was not casual. She approached her pet, and a terrible picture appeared before her: the neighboring house was on fire.

The flame quickly spread to her house, which immediately flared up like a match.Latana rushed to her daughter’s bedroom, and saw how Sasha was pulling the baby by the diaper straight to the exit. The dog pulled the child out in time, because another minute and the burning ceiling would have collapsed on the girl’s bed. Most argue that pit bulls are cruel in themselves and often show aggression, but Sasha proved the opposite. This brave dog saved the family from death.

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