Pretty mother and daughter looking like twin sisters:It is difficult to differentiate who is who

I was surprised to see their photos. In life, I would not have thought that these girls are actually mother and daughter, moreover, one is 43 years old, and the other is 19. Both look like sisters. Of course, the mother is hurt. Even with Photoshop, she looks amazing for her age.

On the other hand, I now consider 43 years old as a period of youth, so it is normal to look accordingly. However, this is a special case. The woman looks very young, indistinguishable from her daughter. This mother and daughter – Jolene Diaz and Melanie Parks live in California. Jolene works as a teacher at a school, what her daughter Melanie does, they do not write, but most likely she is still studying somewhere.

With her husband, Melanie’s father, Jolene broke up when her daughter was only 6 years old, so she raised her herself. For the sake of her daughter, she maintains a normal relationship with her ex-husband. They can still spend the weekend together, so to speak, as a family. I consider this a wise decision.

Although mother and daughter look like sisters, and others think so, the difference in age still affects their lifestyle. Jolene and Melanie can relax on the beach together, go shopping, walk, but noisy parties and hangouts in bars are no longer interesting for 43-year-old Jolene. Instead of such a pastime, she prefers to stay at home in the evenings, read books, watch movies.

This appeals to me too. Yes, Jolene looks like a 20 year old, but she’s a grown woman and doesn’t try to act like a juvenile.

To keep fit, she regularly goes to the gym. What is natural at 19 requires effort at 43. Jolyne’s figure is beautiful. And it is clear that she is trained, and Melanie has a natural figure for her young age.

Of course, Jolene is constantly asked how she managed to look so amazing. She replies that she has always led a healthy lifestyle and has been taking care of her skin since the age of 12. She uses, of course, anti-aging products. Perhaps there was plastic, but in moderation and very successfully.

All of this is great, but I think it’s the good genes that play Jolyne in the first place. She herself admitted that when she was a girl, she and her mother were also mistaken for sisters. That is, it is written in their family. Probably, Melanie also expects such a future, unless, of course, she spoils herself. But, apparently, she is a healthy, good girl.

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