Purchase weighing 3600: A Canadian gave birth to a son right in the supermarket

Ashley Miller-Cross, a resident of one of the Canadian provinces, did not know that she was pregnant until she went into labor right in the supermarket.

This nonsense, however, has an explanation – Ashley and her husband Kyle just 10 months ago had their first child, daughter Mia. And the new pregnancy, which came literally after the first, the woman attributed to excess weight, which did not go away after the birth of her first child, the CBC News website reports. She also lacked other characteristic signs of pregnancy – toxicosis, a noticeable weight gain, and heaviness in the lower abdomen.

In the afternoon, Ashley went with her mother to the local supermarket for groceries and returned with her newborn son. The birth was rapid – the woman felt a strong spasm and urgently went to the toilet. Her screams were heard by one of the employees of the supermarket, who called the doctors.

By the time doctors arrived, an absolutely healthy baby had already been born. Doctors stated that Ezra – that was the name of the boy – is fully full-term and weighs 3,600 grams.

A few days later, the whole family reappeared at the supermarket to thank the employees for their help and support. There they were given a gift – a year’s supply of diapers. And later, Kyle and Ashley booked a photo shoot for Ezra. The photo of the smiling baby in the grocery cart got 16,000 likes, nearly 900 posts, and more than 350 comments.

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