“Rescuers were only able to find the three-year-old little girl thanks to a dog’s barking in the cornfield

Timberlin Merritt, an American homemaker and mother of three, was going about her usual household chores, while her daughter Remy was playing in her room.


Suddenly, Timberlin became suspicious, as any mother knows that when children are quiet and not bothering, they might be up to something. Especially since Remy was usually active and noisy.

When the woman entered the child’s room, she couldn’t find her daughter and began searching the entire house, not missing a single corner. However, Remy was nowhere to be found.

At the same time, their Yorkshire Terrier, who had been with her all day, was also missing, and the dog never strayed far from the little girl. Timberlin thought that the dog, named Hit, had run away, and her daughter had gone to look for him.

Their home was next to a cornfield, and Timberlin was sure they were there. However, the field was vast, and she realized that she couldn’t find them on her own. So, she sought help from rescuers.

The search continued throughout the night, but there were no results, and the mother was distraught. Suddenly, a service dog barked, and Hit responded. Everyone quickly followed the dog’s barking and found the sleeping child near the barn, with her faithful dog guarding her.


When they woke the little girl up, she told them that she wanted to see the beautiful cornfield at night, as her grandfather had told her about it. Hit ran after her. The mother of the girl will remember for a long time how her child managed to go so far.

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