Salsa. An incredible dance by a pregnant woman. Watched it a hundred times.

I’m thrilled. I’m puzzled, don’t understand what this is and how it’s possible! I agree that pregnancy is not an illness but a natural process. Yes, it’s crucial not to fall into a sedentary lifestyle. Many pregnant women tend to forget themselves a bit, probably out of fear, and try to move less. Even worse, some eat for two. This is not only bad for the mom but also for the baby.

But to do something like this, in mid-air doing a split… I don’t even know if it poses a threat to the health of the child and the mother. It looks incredibly amazing, and they move beautifully. Clearly, the baby bump is not a hindrance

. I think the mom knows what she’s doing; maternal instinct is the strongest, and she’s unlikely to harm herself or the baby. She’s on the dance floor like a fish in water; most likely, nothing will stop her from heating up the Salsa with her amazing partner.

Kudos! Bravo! Thanks for such enjoyment. Health to the mom and the little one! Creative success to the whole family!
Actually, Salsa is not “it”; it’s “he” because, in Spanish, it means “sauce.” But, adapting this foreign word to the Russian language, it turns out to be “it” – salsa – fiery, sultry, and temperamental. It makes the roof fly off, sparks fly from the eyes, and it gets so hot inside that you want to dance!

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