Shakira made an explosive statement after the divorce “The life of a single mother and the rhythm of a pop star are incompatible” here’s why

Singer Shakira revealed in a recent interview that her ten-year marriage to footballer Gerard Piqué slowed down her music career. To be with her beloved and their joint children, she had to move to Barcelona, which significantly complicated her star-studded logistics.

She had to constantly invite colleagues from America to Spain to work on new songs and shows, and not all of them could make the trip. This greatly hindered her work as a singer. However, she has now separated from her partner and moved her children to the United States. But instead of career relief, she has faced the challenges of being a single mother.

“The last time I released an album was six years ago. Now I can make music faster, although sometimes I feel like the life of a single mom and the rhythm of a pop star are incompatible. I need to put my sons to sleep and then head to the recording studio—all in one bundle,” Shakira shared with Billboard.

“When you don’t have a husband who can stay at home with the kids, it’s a constant juggling act because I like to be a real mom, and I need to be with my children every minute:

taking them to school, having breakfast with them, bringing them to their games. Additionally, I need to earn a living.”

In the summer of 2022, the singer split from the footballer due to his infidelity. The famous couple shares 10-year-old son Milan and his 8-year-old brother Sasha

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