She adopted the boy 27 years ago. Here’s how he repaid her

Many years ago, the American Ingeborg McIntosh made a lot of efforts to adopt this child. Jordan came to an orphanage when he was very young. For almost 4 years, the woman did everything to be allowed to adopt him.

The problem was that Jordan’s birth mother wanted him to be adopted by an African-American or blended family. Only after no suitable parents could be found, Jordan was finally given to Ingeborg. According to her, she realized that he should be part of her family, even the first time she took him in her arms.

After 20 years, the woman was diagnosed with polycystic kidney disease, and a kidney transplant was needed. The son, secretly from his mother, decided to become a donor for her. He got tested to see if his kidney was a good fit. It turned out that it fits.

Jordan agreed to the operation without hesitation to help the woman who had done so much for him. Speaking of her, he tearfully explains how grateful he is to her for having once adopted and raised him. The guy understands that she fought for him for a long time and did a lot for him from childhood, and now he wants to respond with the same care.

According to him, this is the least he can do for his mother to show how much he appreciates and loves her. Ingeborg learned that her son had decided to become a donor shortly before the operation. She told him: “Think, you can still refuse.” To which Jordan replied, “No Mom, I want to do this for you.”

Operation was successfully completed. Today, Ingeborg can only say one thing: “I could not even dream of a better son.”

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