She became mother at 57: How was the life of a woman and her children after 16 years

Aleta St. James was recognized as America’s oldest mother in 2004. According to the woman herself, all her life she strove for success in her career and did not think about the little ones. Alenta is an actress, so fans, tours and filming have long occupied all her thoughts.

It wasn’t until she was 57 that she realized she wanted to experience the joy of motherhood. And then she decided that her only chance to become a mother was to have an IVF procedure. The result was the birth of two charming little twins: a boy and a girl.

Of course, all the friends and doctors dissuaded Alenta from such a step and said that becoming a mother after 50 was absurd. But she didn’t listen to anyone. It’s been 16 years since! Now her little ones are teenagers and she is 72 years old.

Of course, all these years it was not easy for a woman, because she raised her son and daughter alone. But she managed to cope with all the difficulties, because her cubs were nearby. By the way, now Alenta is an ideal mother.

And she doesn’t look her age at all. Apparently, our heroine’s inspired state of mind was directly reflected in her appearance.This woman’s age is just a number and she will not become an 80-year-old woman, but plans to continue to be an energetic and understanding mother.

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