She didn’t know why her stomach hurt, but taking a shower cleared it all up. She came out of the bathroom with the baby in her arms

The Australian was afraid that she had problems with digestion, but she had to be afraid of something completely different. For nine months, the girl did not understand that she was pregnant, and it was only during childbirth that she found out about the replenishment in the family. But there was no panic and endless trips to the doctors.

Amber Smith, an 18-year-old resident of North Queensland, Australia, went to take a morning shower on the morning of April 15, and left the bathroom with her newborn son.

When I was in the shower, I felt a very serious cramp in my stomach, and the next second, water poured from everywhere, and I screamed, the young mother recalled.

The girl greatly frightened her boyfriend Blairdon: the guy rushed to her from the second floor. He thought that his girlfriend had broken something for herself, but a very unexpected surprise was waiting for him downstairs.

I ran to the bathroom and saw my son’s head popping out,” Blairdon said.

After that, Amber began to push, and she did not have to suffer for long. Ten minutes later she was sitting on the bathroom floor with her newborn son in her arms. The boy was given Cooper Woods, and in the future he will be able to brag to his peers about the unusual story of his birth.

Giving birth to a child, the girl managed to quickly orient herself and contacted her mother by phone, and then called the emergency service. The young mother is sure that it was this call that helped her give birth to a child so quickly and easily.

Amber admitted that for all nine months, she had no idea that she was pregnant. The girl always had an irregular menstrual cycle, so she did not feel that something was going wrong. And the changes in her appearance were so insignificant that she could not even think that a child was growing in her.

At the very end, I had a tiny increase in the abdomen, so I thought it was because I was eating too much, Amber explained.

The girl attributed her poor health and pain in her stomach to a gastrological disease, so it never occurred to her to take a pregnancy test and visit a gynecologist.

Amber and Blairdon are about to get married, and the parents of each of them are ready to provide the young parents with the necessary support. It is still difficult for the groom to believe in the unexpected appearance of his son. Mom and dad consider his appearance a miracle, and despite the shock, both are happy to become parents.

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