She gave birth at the age of 15 and gave her son to an orphanage, but after 35 years he did an incredible thing for his biological mother

Every year, according to statistics, about 135,000 children are abandoned by mothers in the United States immediately after birth. Some kids are lucky, and they find new families. But few people manage to subsequently obtain information about blood parents. In many ways, this is due to the laws of some states, where there is such a thing as the secret of adoption. But, for example, in Pennsylvania, abandoned children, when they grow up, can find out who their biological mom and dad are. This happy story is about how, after 35 years, the son finally found his mother, who left him in an orphanage.

Pittsburgh resident Stacey Fakes gave birth to a child at the age of 15. She understood that she could not raise her son alone. There was no money for this, the girl thought for a long time, but, in the end, she came to the conclusion that the boy would be better off in a shelter. She hoped that a decent family would adopt him, which would give the baby everything that his own mother could not give.

The child was really quickly taken in by a worthy couple from Ohio. The boy was named Stephen, and his last name was given by his adoptive parents.
Stacey’s heart couldn’t calm down. She wanted to be sure that her son lives in love and care. A few years later, the girl made attempts to find a family that adopted the boy. But all the documents were destroyed during a severe flood that hit the city.

Stacy’s soul hurt, but she believed that someday she would meet her son. Then she will explain to him why she committed such a terrible act, and that she had no right to doom him to poverty and wandering. The girl sincerely hoped that her son would understand everything and forgive her.

The adoptive parents never hid that Stephen was not their natural son. Even as a teenager, the boy constantly thought about who his biological mother could be. He wanted to know why she had left him, just to look into the eyes of the woman who had given him life. In 2017, the State of Pennsylvania passed adoption law changes. Now it was possible to obtain information about biological parents, as well as other data on children who were abandoned. By that time, Stephen had grown up, matured, became a soldier. But he still believed that he would see his own mother.

Stephen learned the name of the mother, as well as her place of residence. He found Stacy Fakes’ page on the social network, asked in a message if she had given the child to an orphanage 35 years ago. Stacey wrote the truth. Steven was happy, because he seems to have found his own mother.

Surprisingly, it turned out that Stephen and Stacy have the same hobby. Both were part of groups supporting America’s veterans. A marathon was just planned in Pittsburgh, in which mother and son were supposed to participate.

Stacey did not know that her son would be at the marathon, and Stephen decided to give her an unforgettable surprise.
Stacy Fakes was given a card saying that it had been 13,075 days since she had last seen her son. The woman stood in a daze, while Stephen quietly approached from behind. When Stacey turned around, she saw Steven. After 35 years, the mother was able to hug her son tightly.

Stacey introduced Steven to her daughters, who were incredibly happy to meet their sibling. They met at the same marathon, after which they could not leave. Stacy Fakes and the kids went to a restaurant where they talked for hours on end. They talked about their lives, listened to how Stephen lived all these years.

Stacey said she wouldn’t let Steven go anywhere now. She explained everything to her son, asked his forgiveness. Stephen replied that he did not hold a grudge against his mother, because he understood everything.
The difficult story of Stacy Fakes and her son Stephen ended with a happy ending. The mother was reunited with her son, despite the 35-year separation. This gave hope to many people that relatives might be desired. Stacey says that one should not lose faith, because nothing can be more precious than a child in the world.

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