She has the longest nails in the world. An American woman has not cut them for 25 years, and she has to take care of them

A misfortune happened in her family, and she stopped cutting her nails. As a result, the woman got into the Guinness Book of Records and became the owner of the longest nails in the world among women. We tell how she lives with such a feature.

Diana Armstrong, 63, lives in Minnesota, USA. She hasn’t cut her nails for over 25 years. On March 13, 2022, the total length of her nails was 1306 cm – longer than a school bus. It all seems like fun, but for Diana, growing nails carries a sacred meaning.

The last time she cut her nails was in 1997. But soon after, a tragic accident shocked the entire family, and Diana vowed never to do it again.

The woman started her day as usual. She woke up the kids and went to the grocery store while they were doing their morning routine. But suddenly Diana received a call in a panic from her youngest daughter. She said that the elder sister does not wake up.

Latisha, 16, suffocated in her sleep due to an asthma attack. It was she who always did a manicure to her mother: she cut her nails, and then covered them with varnish. For several years, Diana’s children tried to persuade her to cut her nails, and then the woman revealed to them the real reason for this behavior, and the family accepted it with understanding.

Diana explained that she had been battling depression for ten years, and growing her nails was her way to keep her late daughter in your thoughts.


Diana used to work as a hairdresser, but soon she had to leave her job because of her long nails. The woman became a homebody. Now, it takes her four to five hours to paint each nail, and a full manicure will require 15-20 bottles of varnish and a wood tool to file them. Therefore, Diana goes for a manicure every five years. The woman jokes that when she comes to the nail salon, she will be rejected immediately.

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