She was abandoned in childhood by her mother due to a lack of appearance. But after a while it comes out

Her name is Alison Midstock, and she does not fit the canons of the model. Life gave her a test called “Treacher Collins Syndrome”, but the gift went well. The story of an unbroken girl who really makes you stop believing stereotypes, and it’s great! Denis Rick, Alison’s foster mother, took the baby from the hospital when she was only a few weeks old.

The native mother abandoned her daughter with a birth defect. Doctors made disappointing predictions, in particular, they said that the girl would most likely not be able to speak. But at the age of 5, she began to communicate with her family with her voice. Psychological problems also did not bypass Alison:

“When I was 5 years old, I looked at myself in the mirror and asked my mother all the time why I was so ugly.” And at the age of eight, she began to draw girls with a non-standard appearance, who came out from under her pencil beautiful, albeit not like everyone else.

Despite the non-standard appearance, Alison never had problems with communication.

She was not super popular, but the company of close friends was always present. She had operations from early childhood, but the turning point was the one that was done at the age of 17. The girl even refused to go to school, fearing the condemnation of her classmates. It is surprising that Alison began working with photographers and artists from the age of 15.

At first she did this to accept her appearance, but then she realized that modeling was a joy for her, this was her calling. Now she is 31, and by this moment she has 100 operations on her account, but the girl is happy, and this is very inspiring! Looking at her, you can’t say that you are ugly. No, on the contrary, there is something about her that makes her beautiful!

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