She was born weighing 900 grams:What does a girl look like now and what does she do at 16 years old

Kenadi-Jourdain was born weighing 900 grams and 28 centimeters tall. She was born on February 13, 2003.

During pregnancy, Jourdain’s mother noticed something was wrong, the stomach did not increase. But the ultrasound showed that the child’s heartbeat was normal, without deviations. Only in the eighth month of pregnancy was it possible to identify the disease of the baby. All doctors as one repeated, the child will not survive.

At birth, the doctors were surprised by the small size of the baby, in the hospital she was immediately nicknamed Thumbelina. She has expressive blue eyes, hair is silky and blond. Mom Kenadi-Jourdain was afraid to pick up the baby, because she was afraid to accidentally break her arm or leg, they were so small. She looked like a realistic doll.

The diagnosis itself was made only after 9 months. Kenady has a very rare genetic disorder called Primordial Dwarfism. About 100 people with the same diagnosis were recorded in the world, but due to deviations, such babies did not live long. The diagnosis itself means short stature, small head, skeletal anomalies and mental illness.

But already at the age of 6, Jourdain went to school for ordinary children. Kenadi was no different from other children, because she did not lag behind in mental development, it corresponded to her age. And at the age of 12, she began to go swimming and ice skating.

At school, she had a hard time, she was below all her peers, even children younger than her. But this did not bother her, Kenady was not at all embarrassed by her unique appearance, she was very kind and sociable.

Kenadi also managed to act in films. She starred in the fantasy film Iep!, a very popular film among the locals. Kenadi played the role of a girl who was born with wings and grew up with her parents until she flew away from her parents’ house.

Kenadi also has a younger brother, whom she is two years older than. Tyran has no abnormalities and was born a perfectly healthy child, but this did not stop parents from loving their children equally.

Tyran has always stood up for his older sister, he loves her very much. And whenever passers-by or someone else says something bad about Kenadi, he always answers: “What would happen if this happened to you ?!”

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