She was told to have an abortion, but the woman decided to give birth: And that’s what happened

The woman was told to have an abortion but decided to give birth. And that’s what happened. For Samantha Wen, who is originally from Taiwan but now lives in the States, children were the meaning of life. She dreamed about it very much and, having learned about her pregnancy, was beside herself with happiness.

This news opened up a new world for her with great opportunities and new, previously unknown feelings. Everything was incredibly good. But only until the moment when the doctor told her that she needed to have an abortion. It was somewhere in the seventh week of pregnancy. She found out that she was being questioned about ectopic pregnancy, and the world turned upside down.

On ultrasound, doctors did not find embryos in the uterus and suggested that the child began to develop in the tube. Their testimony was irrevocable, “until the critical consequences happened.” But Samantha clenched her teeth and tried not to think. I’ll wait a little longer, she decided boldly.

Samantha and her husband no longer knew how to react to everything, but either the doctors came across as unsure, or the case was special. Only at the appointment with another doctor, they again burned with amazement: “No, these are not twins, you actually have triplets,” said another doctor. With each new visit, we had more and more children – says Samantha – I was happy.

Samantha went to the hospital for an examination, where doctors found another fetus in her, but the news was not so good. The fourth child was very difficult to develop, so the doctors suggested the surgical removal of two twins along with one placenta so that the rest of the children could be born stronger. Everyone, including relatives, advised me to do as the doctors say. But Samantha firmly replied that it was not for her to decide which of her children to live and who not.

She was then hospitalized for a month to keep the pregnancy going. And on October 21, 2010, Samantha gave birth to beautiful babies! Of course, they were born weak, but after a month in the department they got stronger and all four went home. This story proves once again that a mother’s heart knows everything.

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