Sisters were born almost the same: how girls have changed in 13 years

Girls Marcy and Millie Bigs were born very similar. The sisters had identical eyes, nose and hair. But the babies grew up, and the appearance of the children changed. Over time, Marcy became snow-white with light brown hair, and Millie became a dark-skinned brunette.

You might think that the girls are of different nationalities. But in fact, they are sisters, and even twins. And all because mom Amanda is English, and dad Michael is from Jamaica. Despite such external differences, a woman and a man fell in love and started a family.

Some time after the wedding, Michael and Amanda became parents. Beautiful, but very unusual girls were born. Husband and wife even joked about it. They said, one is mother’s daughter, the other is father’s. Because indeed, newborn children looked like adults.

This feature brought the family popularity. Photos and articles about the Bigs family were published in fashion magazines. Now Marcy and Millie are thirteen years old. They are ordinary teenagers who go to school and hang out with friends.

The Bigs sisters have changed outwardly, but their tastes have remained. Girls like to read the same books, watch the same movies. In addition, they are the same sisters who like to dress the same. Despite this, the character of the girls is not at all similar.

Parents say: “Millie is more timid and self-absorbed, and “white” Marcy is a sassy little monkey.”
No matter how different the girls are, they are still sisters.

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