“Son-in-law called late in the evening and said that his wife is not at home. What was later revealed seemed like a surreal nightmare to me.”

Yesterday, late at night, my son-in-law called me. He usually doesn’t call, and I got worried. Apologizing for the late call, he asked where my daughter was. I was very surprised because I had seen my daughter three days ago, and we hadn’t communicated since.

I generally didn’t interfere in my daughter’s life or offer advice. She’s already an adult and has to solve her own problems. I asked him if they had a fight, to which he replied that there were no fights; his wife packed her things and left, leaving the children with him.

My daughter didn’t work; she was raising her sons. Her husband had a good job. They seemed like an ordinary family. She didn’t leave her children from birth and always stood out for her tenderness, loyalty, and household skills. She managed everything –

household chores, cooking, and taking care of the children. She spent the whole day running like a squirrel in a wheel. Her husband didn’t help with the kids. I immediately started calling my daughter. She answered, and I shouted into the phone, “Where are you? What happened? Why did you leave the children?”

She calmly replied that she was planning to get a divorce. I couldn’t believe my ears. Then she calmly explained that her husband would tell everything. It turned out that my son-in-law had a lover, and my daughter found out about it. It all started when his wife was expecting their second child.

Who could have thought? The lover herself called my daughter, introduced herself, and sent photos and correspondence as proof. In reality, my son-in-law had been going to extramarital meetings frequently, working on weekends. Now it all made sense. My daughter decided to collect her things and leave while the children were sleeping, and her husband was busy with his lover.

She wanted to punish him, leaving the children since she had no home or money. To say I was shocked is an understatement. I didn’t expect this from my son-in-law. However, I was also angry with my daughter.


How could she leave the children when her husband doesn’t even know how to cook? She said she would take the children back when she got back on her feet. I couldn’t imagine that my daughter would do this, especially since the kids are still little, requiring care, and I don’t have the strength to take care of my grandchildren.

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