Spring Tree of Wishes: Choose a number and find out if your dream will come true.

On the tree of spring wishes, five digits are placed in a specific order. Each digit possesses a certain energy, capable of turning into reality. Your task is to choose one digit.
Focus on one of the five numbers and let the moment intuitively guide you to the number that attracts your heart the most. Use your imagination and envision how your wish will come true. Allow yourself to fully immerse in the world of your dreams.
Choose a number.

**Interpretation of the prediction:**

**N 1**

You are a person who knows how to genuinely fight for your happiness. Your desires are quite modest. You have never wanted too much, being a modest person by nature. Life hasn’t always been fair to you, but you have never stopped hoping for your great happiness. You are a persistent person who believes in your happiness. You have one wish that you have not yet been able to fulfill. The tree of spring wishes brings you only happiness because the number you chose shows that your wish will come true. By the beginning of summer, everything will work out for you because your wish will finally come true!

**N 2**

You work hard to achieve everything you want and never give up on your plans. You always hope for the best. You work a lot and try to achieve everything you desire. Fortune sometimes turned away from you, but you never stopped hoping that everything would turn out for the best. The number two, which you chose on the tree of wishes, indicates that your wish will not come true quickly, but it will become a reality in the future.

**N 3**

It is not always easy for you, but you honestly try to reach your goals. Perhaps, sometimes you expect too much. The number 3 reveals that luck will turn its gaze upon you. You will experience events that will bring you happiness because your wish will come true. The changes ahead will bring you only good things. Everything will go as you wanted!

**N 4**

Life is not always easy for you, but you always think positively. Luck has not always been your faithful companion, but you hope that everything will turn out for the best. You have had to go through many events that brought you trials. However, you are a person who always hopes for the best and never gives up. You have one wish that will change many things in your life for the better. The tree of wishes indicates that you are ahead of the fulfillment of a wish that will bring only good into your life. The time for the changes you have always hoped for has come!

**N 5**

Your life is not always smooth. No matter how difficult it is for you, you never lose optimism and hope. You have a wish that you sincerely hope will come true. The number 5 brings you wonderful news because your wish is coming true. Perhaps, on your life path, there will be people who will help fulfill your wish. Luck will favor you, allowing you to get rid of all the problems that haunt you. Soon, everything will go as you wanted and hoped!

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