Storm girl: the baby was born right during a hurricane in Florida

The strongest hurricane Irma reached the American coast. At this time, one of the families – husband and wife Kesling – were in the heart of the elements. Having hastily left their native Key West for Miami-dade, they ended up in Florida, but did not move further: Karina Kesling was about to give birth.

The couple made the right decision: on September 7, under the wild howling of the wind, their daughter Nairi was born. But in fact, the girl was not named by the name that appeared in the documents. Parents, being under the impression of a natural disaster, gave the baby an unusual name Storm.

The impending hurricane was already known, and the inhabitants of the Caribbean islands began a hasty evacuation to Florida, and from there further inland. The total number of evacuees was 6.3 million, local authorities said. The Keslings stayed in Florida and went to Kendall Hospital, where tiny Nairi Storm was born.

When parents were asked why they chose such an extravagant name for their daughter, the couple explained their position. In America, they believe that children born under unusual circumstances or in extreme conditions are special, they were noted by God himself. If this were not so, then they would have been born as ordinary babies.

In memory of the original birthday, a name was chosen for Nairi. No one knows how her life will develop further, but a tribute to her special birth must be paid now. Parents and the newborn, accompanied by a police patrol, were sent to a hotel located far from the path of the hurricane.

The Keslings and the police were surprised: despite the environment and the disturbing name, the girl slept peacefully throughout the journey. Perhaps this is the first sign of a strong-willed and strong character. And how could it be otherwise if your first day in the world begins in the midst of a natural disaster?

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