Strong friendship between the dog Shep and his owner John

Shep and John Unger became famous around the world after a 2012 photo appeared on the Internet in which the dog slept peacefully on the owner’s chest while swimming in a lake in Wisconsin. Photographer Hannah Stone Hudson, who took the picture, said that Shep suffered greatly from arthritis, sometimes the pain simply did not allow him to get up, move and even fully rest. Joe Unger, as best he could, tried to alleviate the fate of Shep and empirically found that the dog becomes easier during water procedures.

Joe began to take Shep with him to the lake, laid him in the water on his shoulder, and Shep felt better. The pain dulled a little, and he could even sleep peacefully in the arms of his beloved master. Every day, Joe went to the lake to relieve Shep’s suffering. The photo gained immense popularity and garnered thousands of comments.
John found Shep at an orphanage over 20 years ago.

Popularity allowed to extend Shep’s life by almost a year. The dog suffered greatly, and the Desperate owner was afraid that he would have to be euthanized. However, after Shep became an Internet star, Unger began to receive numerous remittances from all over the world. This amount – about 25 thousand dollars – made it possible to pay for the expensive treatment of a dog suffering from arthritis.

Interestingly, Shep did not even extend, but saved the life of his master.
Unger was very upset by the break with his failed wife, suffered and could not find a place for himself. One day he woke up and firmly decided to say goodbye to life.

He took Shep with him for a walk and, having reached a cliff overlooking a pond, he decided to take a step forward and forever end his existence and the suffering that accompanies it. But before committing suicide, John decided to take one last look at his pet.

Shep convinced the owner with his eyes not to part with life.“He looked at me with an expression on his face that I have not seen before or since that incident. It was a look of concern. He narrowed his eyes and frowned in the way a person who is deeply thinking about something does. It was just amazing,” John said. After this dialogue of views, Unger changed his mind.

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