Surrogate mother from England has already carried 15 children – and here’s why she does it

A 49-year-old resident of Stevenage became a mother to 15 children. However, she brings up only two, the rest Carol Horlock gave birth to childless couples. The surrogate mother explained what prompted her to take such a step. Now the topic of surrogate motherhood is calmly perceived by society, and earlier, many women who carried and gave birth to children to infertile couples tried not to advertise it.

Everyone understands why couples who cannot have children take such a step. But few people know the motives of women who decide to become surrogate mothers. 49-year-old Carol Horlock, who is recognized as the most prolific woman in the UK, decided to tell why she agreed to bear and give birth to “foreign” children.

Carol became a mother to 15 children, two of her own and 13 for other families. The woman is sure that in this way she makes the world a better place. She was able to make happy 9 couples who, thanks to her, were able to become parents and raise long-awaited children.

“I love being pregnant. Yes, many women can hardly endure these 9 months, but for me, they fly by like one moment. Every time I tried to enjoy every day of my interesting position, to feel a new person growing inside me, ”Carol shared. Experts noted that Horlock’s body seemed to be created for bearing children. She easily endured pregnancy, and childbirth took place without any complications.

“Every time I carried a child to another couple, I felt happy. Of course, the moment of handing over the baby to the parents was the most difficult. But when I saw their tears of joy, my heart became warm and calm. These moments are unforgettable,” said the surrogate mother. With all the families that Horlock helped to become parents, she still maintains friendly relations. She comes to visit them and visits the children, who are happy to call her Aunt Carol.

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