Ten boys and eight girls, did your head spin? This woman gave birth to her 18th child.How do they like today?

The birth of a child is a great and anticipated joy in any family. The arrival of a first child is a particularly significant event.
Many families limit themselves to one or two, maybe three children at most, either due to choice or other reasons.
However, there are families where 10, 11, 15 children, and more are born and raised. A 42-year-old woman, Svetlana Kukharchuk, recently gave birth to her 18th child.

She is already the mother of ten boys and eight girls. Despite some challenges during pregnancy and delivery, the baby was born healthy, and the mother is doing well.
The baby boy weighed 4 kilograms and 150 grams at birth and was named Pavlik. “The woman got married at the age of 18, and now at 42, she has given birth almost every year,” said the head of the maternity ward, Lyudmila Melnik.

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