TEST: Want to know what awaits you? Choose a card and read your message!

Choose the card that “calls” you. It will tell you what awaits you and give you useful advice.

1. You are destined for success.
The card indicates luck, outside help, or an unexpected solution to a problem in your favor.
Perhaps this is just a truce so that you can gather your strength and continue on your path, make a decision.
The card means a correct view of the situation, a correct decision made by you, confirmation that you are moving in the right direction.
The card also signifies receiving something new: knowledge, experience, a path, directions on your way.
It symbolizes a fortunate turn of events.
2. True love and devotion.
The golden heart is a symbol of true love.
The card symbolizes sincerity, fidelity, a strong union, and attachment.
You will get what you want.
The card advises listening to your heart and trusting your feelings.
You will uncover a secret; just open up, believe, and it will happen.
The card recommends avoiding conflicts and resolving everything amicably, acting calmly.
You believe in yourself and your feelings, and you make decisions and act based on them.
Remember who is important and what truly matters in your life.
Listen to what your heart is telling you.
3. Kindness and friendship.
Be honest and clear in your thoughts and beliefs, then seek help, support, and strength.
The card advises you to be honest, tell it like it is, open up, do not lie, and in return, you may receive help or forgiveness, but if you are upset and deceitful, you will be immediately punished.
Can’t find an answer or solution? Calm down, stay alone.
The unicorn is a spiritual card, it signifies caution and purity of thought.
The unicorn does not recommend thinking about revenge or punishment; it advises thinking about forgiveness and its integrity.
The unicorn does not suggest seeking benefit in this situation; it advises doing what your soul, heart, and principles dictate.

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