The 11-year-old took the shark with her bare hands and saved it’s life: Where the baby comes from, children are capable of more than that

The girl saw a shark in trouble and saved it with her bare hands. Contact with a dangerous predator did not frighten the young heroine at all, but there were reasons for that. The courage of Australian kids can only be envied.

First in Australia, parrots save their owners and do it better than a fire alarm, but now little girls are not afraid to take sharks with their bare hands in an attempt to save their lives. The feat of 11-year-old Billy Ray from Tasmania was caught in a video shot by the girl’s mother.

Billy was walking along Kingston Beach with her brother Flynn and mom Abby Gilbert when she spotted a small shark stuck between the rocks. Without thinking twice, the girl immediately ran up to the unfortunate fish, took it with both hands and moved it to a safe place.

It’s all right, it’s all right,” Billy said in the video at the time of the rescue.

The safety of the shark is sorted out, but what about the safety of the girl herself? Everything is simple. The fish that Billy saved is incapable of harming a person. The Australian bighead shark is a very slow dweller of the deep that feeds on shellfish.

Billy loves animals very much and plans to connect his career with them.
As soon as the shark appeared, I already knew who it was and that it would not harm her [the girl], Billy’s mother admitted.

Abby was more worried about her daughter slipping on wet rocks than she was about the fact that the baby was holding a shark.

The footage shows that the girl is very calm, this lack of anxiety was transmitted to the shark, which behaved very decently.

According to the girl’s mother, Billy loves fauna very much and often brings home small cubs of animals to go out and then release them into the wild. The girl plans to continue helping animals in the future and even wants to connect her career with this.

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