The 18-year-old girl and the 71-year-old man: they are married

The beautiful girl named Miliana lived in a village. The girl was so beautiful, that many guys in the city liked her and wanted to be by her side, but she was not interested in them. Her peers were boring for Miliana, because she liked more mature people․

One day the girl was walking with her dog and suddenly she met a 71-year-old man, Miloiko. They talked a lot and the girl understood that she had found a soul mate. They began to meet more and more often and spend enough time together. They quickly became very close.

And here is a feeling was born. The girl decided to share her love story with her parents, but they were amazed at their daughter’s choice and were against it. In fact, it’s normal, they couldn’t understand how their beautiful daughter could fall in love with a man of such great age.

Moreover, the man was 3 years old: they were older than Miliana. No matter how hard the girl’s parents tried to influence her decision, nothing changed. She was more than stubborn. And the boy’s family, on the contrary, was very happy that their father had someone to take care of him.

As far as society is concerned, people reacted differently. They wanted to get married in the church, but unfortunately the church did not allow a marriage with such an age difference.

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