The 3-year-old brother made a stylish haircut for his sister which terrified his parents: Look what was the result

Briana Naylor (35 years old) and her husband Michael (30 years old) from Queens Creek were sitting in the kitchen having dinner, but suddenly realized that their house was unusually quiet. The couple’s children – three-year-old Colt and two-year-old Kimber – played in the nursery, but now they did not make any sounds for a suspiciously long time.

When the mother decided to visit the children, she found them sitting in her closet. At first she saw only four tiny legs, and then she parted her clothes and saw a terrifying picture. Baby Kimber sat surrounded by buns of her own hair, and Colt clutched scissors in his hand and cut her sister’s curls lock by lock. Briana told that both children were absolutely calm and passionate about the new game.

My son held the scissors to Kimber’s head as she sat very still and patiently waited while he cut her hair. She was completely calm and allowed him to do it.

Many parents in Briana’s place would have lost their temper, but the woman did not yell at the children. Instead, she laughed.
When I saw them, I was shocked, but then it became funny to me. I started laughing out loud. The husband came, and he was clearly angry, but then he also began to laugh.

The parents decided to calmly resolve the situation.
We explained that you can not play with scissors, and it was clear that Colt was ashamed. We asked him to vacuum the hair he cut off. I think he learned his lesson and won’t do it again.

It soon became clear that the clothes in Briana’s closet also fell under the boy’s scissors. One dress even had to be thrown away. But most of all, the father and mother were worried about their daughter’s hair. Colt began to cut his sister’s temple, but he did it rather casually. And then fate itself seemed to help the family.

The Naylors’ neighbor Jen Bullock had been discussing hairstyles with Briana the day before, and it turned out that she herself worked as a hairdresser. It was to Jen that the alarmed woman turned.
I texted her, “Forget about my haircut, I urgently need you to help Kimber.”
The hairdresser came to the rescue immediately. She decided to bring the Colt idea to the end by shaving the girl’s temple – and adding a pattern to it. Jen herself says that she simply decided to “take” the shocking haircut that her three-year-old neighbor did and bring it to mind.

As soon as I walked over and looked at her, I realized that the only way was to take those hard lines for granted, make them straighter, and add a few more. Well, no one scolds the baby Colt. His mother even thinks that her son will cut many more people in the future.

I don’t know, maybe Colt is destined to be a hairdresser. Every time I get my clipper and scissors out to cut my husband’s hair, he always begs me to let him try.

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