The 6-year-old princess is unrecognizable without a ton of makeup: How she looks without makeup

Everyone knows that beauty contests for young children do not have the best effect on their psyche. In addition, in order to participate in competitions, children undergo a huge number of adult procedures, ranging from hair removal, solarium and hair styling, to teeth whitening and other cosmetic procedures that can harm the health of a child.

Many experts believe that the competition itself is a huge test for the child’s psyche. All this cannot be without danger to the health of babies.
However, the contests continue to be popular as the winners receive solid cash prizes. And some think that often small “failures” are just an opportunity for unhappy mothers to feel fulfilled and significant person.

If you couldn’t do it on your own, you can “realize” yourself at the expense of your daughter. The heroine of our article is 6-year-old Freya from Thailand.

During the competition, Freya appears in full “heavy” make-up. The girl won a beauty contest, but her makeup turned her into a 30-year-old woman, but without makeup, she was not even recognizable. Not only was the girl made up with a lot of makeup, but her skin was also bleached with special products … All this is harmful for children’s skin.

Freya looked like a completely different child – sweet and spontaneous. How do you feel about beauty contests for the little ones?

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