“The 7th-grade hero grabs the wheel and stops the school bus after the driver faints.”

The 7th-grade hero grabs the wheel and stops the school bus after the driver faints. Last Wednesday, Dillon Reeves, a middle school student from Michigan, managed to stop the school bus when the driver suddenly “lost consciousness.”

A Michigan middle school student is hailed as a “little hero” for stopping his school bus after the driver passed out at the wheel.

Warren Consolidated Schools Superintendent Robert D. Livernois reported in a press conference on Thursday that Dillon Reeves, a student at Lois E. Carter Middle School in Michigan, took control of the wheel and brakes on the bus while they were heading home from school on April 26, afternoon.

In a post shared on Facebook, Livernois stated that the bus driver wasn’t feeling well and passed out while driving, but Reeves’ quick thinking and actions were crucial.

Warren law enforcement and necessary specialists responded swiftly and took care of the driver. They ensured the safety of the students by getting them on another bus to return home.

A school in Michigan has posted footage of Dillon taking the driver’s seat of a school bus and helping to stop it.


Dillon can then be seen grabbing the wheel and pulling the brake as his classmates scream, “Someone call 911!” Livernois said that the driver missed their scheduled stop, and the bus started “veering into oncoming traffic.” At this point, Dillon, who was sitting five seats away, stepped in and “stopped the bus right in the middle of the road,” he added.


Speaking at the press conference, Dillon’s parents, Steve and Ireta Reeves, said they were “very, very proud” of their son.

“I asked him: Dillon, how did you know what to do? How did you know how to drive that bus?” his mother said. He said, “I watch her do it every day,” so he pays close attention to everything.

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