The abandoned dog as a lifeguard for the woman

Such an incident happened in one city. The woman was walking home from work. It was about six o’clock in the evening. But since it was winter, it was almost dark outside.She was already approaching her entrance, when some men suddenly appeared and began to demand a bag of money from her. Obviously they were thieves.

There were almost no people on the street. And suddenly a street stray dog ​​appeared. As if sensing that the woman was in danger, she began to bark loudly at these robbers.

With this barking of his, drawing the attention of the few passers-by who were on the street.
As a result, the robbers, frightened, ran away. Thus, the dog saved the woman from the robbers. And as a sign of gratitude, the woman took the dog to her home.

And after that, she began to treat homeless animals, cats and dogs in a completely different way. She feeds them every day.
And for some of them she tries to find owners. She has already managed to attach many animals to good owners.

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