The albino girl became a real surprise for the mexican-american family: The unbelievable beauty

The Garcia family lives in California and is all Mexican-American. Edith was 28 when she gave birth to her second daughter in 2014. Her parents were amazed at her appearance, which was different from their family. The newborn had blond hair, porcelain skin, and light eyes.

The thought flashed through the mother: “Who is the father of the child?”. There could be no talk of treason, but she did not fit in her head how this could be. She looked at her husband, realizing that he, too, could have this assumption. But he was absolutely confident in his wife.

Everything fell into place when doctors diagnosed albinism. The husband and wife did not know that both in the family had this gene. Edith’s mother asked her father if there were albinos among her relatives. He confirmed that they were, but for a long time, about 5 generations ago.

On the part of Edith’s husband, it also turned out that albinos were among distant relatives, but not so close to find out all the details. The girl was named Tatyana and now she is already 5 years old. Edith says that her daughter is learning to live with this condition.

She is not too concerned about the opinions of others and their reaction to her appearance. Mom proudly says that her daughter knows that she is special. Tatyana is used to being the center of attention and doesn’t seem to mind. Usually people pay attention to her unusual hair. Interestingly, the girl was born the day before National Albinism Day on June 13th.

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