The angelic Mackenzie Foy: a disciplined actress and a proper child model

In 2012, the whole world fell in love with the charming Renesmee, the daughter of on-screen Edward and Bella Cullen.
Mackenzie Christine Foy was born in Los Angeles. This is a city of opportunities and the birth of stars, and the girl had what became the key to her success – an angelic appearance. The little doll attracted the attention of advertising agents.

And already at the age of three years she “signed” a contract with representatives of the world-famous brands Guess, Ralph Lauren. She worked with other world brands. Remarkably, unlike many child models, Mackenzie was a canonically correct child model. If Brooke Shields or her colleague Thylane Blondeau starred in ambiguous images, then the photo shoots with Mackenzie were distinguished by childish spontaneity and correctness.

A very beautiful girl portrayed a happy child of her age, as he is. Due to the lack of adulthood in her work, and inappropriate references to older models, the girl was in demand in advertising. After all, the products are advertised by her became bestsellers.

It was in the modeling business that scouts from television noticed her. Since 2009, the girl has started to be invited to the cinema. Her growing up became that feature when filmmakers froze in anticipation of how the public would accept the grownup Mackenzie, and the audience – how the adult woman, into whom the charming girl had grown up, would show herself.

And only the actress and model herself continue to work. She took part in the Nutcracker and the Four Kingdoms project, playing Clara. In 2019, she played a role in the film “Black Handsome”, where the girl worked with adorable horses.

Mackenzie Foy has a trait that movie managers applaud. She is calm, flexible and efficient. Glory did not turn her head, and even in her difficult adolescence, the girl retained sweet and friendly, conscientiously worked out the material. And now she is improving her acting skills. The fantastically beautiful girl has grown into a charming woman. Mackenzie is full of creative plans, realized as a model, actress and singer. Her heart is free, and the girl is optimistic about the future. We also see great prospects in this beauty.

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