The babies look like twins but were born to two mothers at different times. They are similar not only in appearance, but also in DNA.

Two girls look alike, like twins, although they were born two months apart from two women in different places. As it turns out, looks aren’t the only thing they have in common. Similarities can be found even in their DNA.

Sometimes even real twins from the same mother are born different from each other – thanks to the strange joke of genetics. This happened to twins who were born on the same day from the same mother, but do not even look alike in skin color.

Another mom from Minnesota had the opposite. She gave birth to a daughter who became a copy of another girl, born just one month earlier, more than a thousand kilometers from her, writes Mirror.

Kelsey Pierce and her husband Kyle dreamed of a child. In 2017, she and her husband began trying to conceive a child, but those were unsuccessful for months. Examinations at the clinic revealed several health problems with Kayla, which could put an end to her desire to become a mother.

All results were bad. I had low estrogen and had ovaries like a 40 year old woman. After each visit to the doctor, I just sat and sobbed, ”recalls Kelsey.

Doctors soon diagnosed Pierce with a blocked fallopian tube, and her 52-year-old mother, Lisa Rutherford, flew out of her Michigan home to be with her daughter during corrective surgery. Then the girl’s mother took a magazine that changed everything.

Mom showed me the magazine and said, “Listen, here is a 50-year-old mother carrying a child for her daughter. I would do it for you, ”recalls the girl.

Soon, new examinations showed that a woman cannot use IVF, as there is a threat of pregnancy. Kelsey and Kyle realized that they had no choice but to adopt a child or use the services of surrogate motherhood. They could not afford either one or the other.

Then Kelsey remembered her mother’s words and called her with her news. The woman was glad to offer her help again, and the daughter agreed.

After a series of tests, the doctors confirmed that Lisa could become a surrogate mother for her daughter. The spouses watched the embryo implantation process on Facetime, as they could not attend in person.

It was the strangest thing to realize that I see how my mother is implanted with her own grandson, says Kelsey.

Eight days later, the woman sent her daughter a photo of a positive test. And five weeks later, the couple were already able to see the first ultrasound of the child with their own eyes.

It was so nice to see the heartbeat. I am very grateful to my mother,” the girl said.

After trying to get pregnant for a long time, Kelsey had a habit of regularly taking a pregnancy test. According to the girl, she bought them in bulk. Then she was waiting for the news, which turned out to be a miracle – Kelsey is expecting a baby.

I took a test in March and it was positive. I just screamed and immediately sent my mom a photo of the test. Then I thought that she might say to me: “What the hell did I go through all this?” But she was delighted and said: “We will both have your children!”

Both mothers were doing well. They soon learned that both were expecting girls. At 36 weeks, Lisa developed preeclampsia and had to be induced into labor. Then the girl, who was named Everly Rose, was born by caesarean section.

Finally, I was able to take a breath and realize that I had become a mother, all the while feeling our second daughter moving inside me. It was the most wonderful thing in the world,” Kelsey recalls.

Ava Ray, born Kelsey, was born the following month. Lisa was delighted to see her two granddaughters meet for the first time.

The babies look like twins but were born to two mothers at different times. They are similar not only externally, but also in DNA

The girls turned out to be surprisingly similar to each other, like twins. Not surprisingly, although they are from two different mothers, they are genetically sisters.

Kelsey is grateful to her mother and dreams of becoming for both girls the same mother that Lisa became for her.

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