“The baby at 5 months is talking a lot. Baby’s reaction is really amazing

Children are the priority, so parents should take care of them. Of course, they need to feed children, buy them toys, entertain them. It’s essential to assist with their studies and not burden them with household chores!
And not overly restrict them: playing computer games, watching videos, going out, staying up late. When a child is still a little one and doesn’t understand much, decisions should be made for them.
But when they become adults, conscious individuals!… Earlier, my mom used to tell me to take a nap during the day, but now – no.

More precisely, she might say that if I feel like it, I can take a nap. But with so many constant tasks – homework, various interests – who has time to sleep?
I believe mindfulness begins around the first grade. A schoolchild already has responsibilities, a schedule, assignments.

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