The boy captivated the entire audience with the song “Soldier.” Even the judges joined him in singing along.

Just yesterday, only a few knew this boy, but today he is already a real star! The number of his fans is rapidly growing! So, meet Ivan Sokhnev. He is now 8 years old and lives in the Moscow region, in the city of Ramenskoye. He is a finalist of the “Morning Star

Basta, songs of the band 5’nizza, , and much more. He has been playing the ukulele since he was 5 years old.

At the age of 7, he started playing the drum kit, and at 8, he bega to master the acoustic and electric guitars. He plays in the children’s rock band “RockHotDog” in  RockSchool.

Ivan confidently and charismatically performed a very mature song “Soldier” by the band “5’nizza”.
His own accompaniment on the Hawaiian guitar added charm to his performance. It’s very strange that  Loboda was the only one who turned to the boy. As a bonus, he got the opportunity to perform a song with  and .

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