The boy cuts his hair for the first time at age 9; what he looks like afterwards

Gone are the distant days when chic hairstyles were the advantage of men. And those who don’t get their hair cut are often looked upon with reproach. But little Riley didn’t care about people’s gossip and at the age of nine he was called “Rapunzel” because of his long braid.

When the boy was very young, his parents wouldn’t cut his hair because they didn’t want to. Her curls had grown to her shoulders. But when they decided to take this step, the child himself resisted. He was so inspired by his favorite football player that he decided without hesitation to continue growing his hairstyle. And this despite the fact that the idol’s hair barely reached her shoulders.

Mom did not resist her decision. And within a few years, Riley had grown her hair almost to her waist. The boy took care of them diligently, they were light and silky.

But one day, when he was nine years old, he announced his desire to get rid of his hair and donate it to wigs for children with cancer. His family supported his aspiration.

Young Riley was brought to the barbershop. At first he felt anxious about the first haircut. When the package was in his hands, he couldn’t believe the line was so long.

After this small, good-natured gesture, the child was invited to the radio to share his impressions. It is not known if he will return to his old image, because it will take time. But thanks to his hair, they knew him, they became his particularity.

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