The boy surprised his father when he went to the store and did the good deed

When finished her first year of college, she decided to visit her parents during the summer break. All the relatives were so proud of her.

“You’ve done so well! You’ve made it among the people! After you finish your studies, you’ll find a job and a good husband,” they praised her.

One day, started feeling unwell. She thought she might be poisoned, but soon the possibility of pregnancy crossed her mind. “But what about my studies? How will my boyfriend react?” Maxim was five years older than .

The next morning, Nastya decided to go for a checkup in a neighboring town to avoid gossip and suspicions. “You’re six weeks pregnant, congratulations,” said the doctor. couldn’t believe what was happening. What should she do now? She had her studies, and her parents would never understand; they’d surely kick her out of the house. Moreover, Maxim was not around to share this with.

Maxim had always promised that she would be his wife. But it was still nerve-wracking. After several attempts,  finally answered her call. “Honey, I have very important news. I’m pregnant! What should I do? How do I tell my parents? What’s next?”

“Darling, calm down! You can’t afford to be stressed in your condition. I’ll come over tomorrow, talk to your parents, and then we’ll definitely get married.” And indeed, Maxim came with a massive bouquet of roses. He met  parents, and they immediately liked him.

A few days later, they got married, and eight months later, their beautiful twins, two boys, were born. parents were overjoyed. After spending time with her children, Nastya completed her university studies. Maxim works and fully supports the family. It turns out that in life, nothing is impossible.

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