The boy touched the mother’s friend belly and predicted a girl:Years later, they got married

A three-year-old child touched the belly of his mother’s pregnant friend and said that a girl would be born who would become his bride. The surprise of the parents knew no bounds when, years later, the prophecy of the child came true.

My parents and her (the bride) became friends before we were born and remain friends to this day. When her mother was pregnant, she came to our house. I was told that I then reached out and touched her stomach and said that she was going to give birth to a girl and that this girl would be my wife.

According to the man, he did not remember this until his parents told him this story. Since then, memories of that day began to pop up in his mind.

On the girl’s first birthday, the parents brought the boy to the party. Then the first joint photo of the couple was taken. True, according to the guy, since then they no longer communicated. Each had their own life.

On her first birthday, we were forced to take this picture. As children, we never went to the same schools: from elementary school to university. But from time to time we saw each other in church.

Then the guy immediately drew attention to her. True, as he himself admits, she seemed to him too cool for him. The girl was very tall, and the enchanted young man was simply shy to speak to her.

I remember one day she was standing by her mom’s car after church (she remembers that day because she said she also wanted to talk to me then). I wanted to approach her, but my confidence made me take a detour.

The couple was destined to speak only in 2016. Then the girl decided to take the initiative and she wrote to him on Facebook. Fortunately, her first step led her to success, unlike the girl who wanted to make friends with her neighbor but chose not the best way to do this.

She contacted me via Facebook when she was returning to school. She said hello and we started talking. To break the ice, I brought up the prophecy and asked her if she knew that I predicted her birth. She said that her mother told her everything, and then we found a common language: from friends to lovers and engaged. When we went to pay her dowry, my mother told this story in front of many witnesses who believed it, since Hilda’s mother was the main witness. It was the moment that changed my life.

According to the guy, marriage to the girl whose birth he predicted turned his life for the better, and it’s not just about relationships. Before the couple became a family, the man had problems with bad habits and self-doubt. Hilda also suffered from great insecurities. Since then, the guy has strengthened his faith in God and changed his life.

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