The boys went for a walk. Their discovery revealed a case that remained a mystery for three years

The school children were playing by the stream, but during the walk they came across something more interesting – an object that solved a missing person case.

The discovery led them to a woman who no longer hoped to receive an answer to a question that had tormented her for three years.

Two young residents of the US town of Butterflies, Nebraska, Eli Rempe and Sam Yarpe, were walking near the Butterflies football field with their four friends on October 18 when they decided to explore the creek near there.

They will remember this outing for a long time, because it was there that they found an object that clearly did not fit the local landscape – a women’s bag, writes 6 News.

They couldn’t believe their luck, like a good man when he found a wallet that solved a case the police fought over for 20 years, or like a family that found a mysterious phone that kept the secrets of others.

After carefully examining the bag, which contained a collection of credit cards and gift cards, the fourth graders were able to determine that the prop belonged to Mallory Pittman-Morris.

However, the school children did not want to keep this treasure for themselves, since the bank cards were probably already useless. Instead, they decided to act beautifully and nobly – to return the woman to her doom.

It’s a good decision. We felt that these lost things were important to her. Also, my mom always says it’s usually hard to replace credit cards and things like that, and she [Mallory] had a lot of cards, Sam and Eli said.

After the boys returned home with their treasure, they asked their parents to help them find Pittman-Morris. Knowing the woman’s name and having the ubiquitous internet at their fingertips, the detective company was able to easily find Mallory on Facebook and contact her.

However, when it came to a personal meeting and handing over what they had found, the fourth graders decided to do without their parents’ help and went to visit the lady themselves.

Mallory was really happy with the news and the return of the handbag, as she had no hope of seeing it again after it was stolen three years ago.

In 2017, a woman stood on the same pitch where Eli and Sam walked, watching her son play football. At that moment, a stranger broke his car window and stole the same bag.

I was very afraid that someone would know my identity or use my cards. Luckily, I didn’t have any money or anything of value, but I was very worried that someone might have my things,” she explained.

Of course, Pittman-Morris could not leave the young heroes unrewarded and decided to thank them by making any nine-year-old happy – candy.

But other than that, the boys got something better – the hero title and the realization that they did the right thing, and that’s priceless.

Their act gave me back my faith in humanity, the realization that there are still good people out there,” Mallory concluded.

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