The bride was abandoned before the wedding – she was not upset and had fun without the groom

The bride from Wales was abandoned right before the wedding, but she was not at a loss, and held a party without a runaway groom.

Kaylie Stead, 27, dated her boyfriend for four years and he finally proposed to her. The couple agreed that they would spend the night before the ceremony apart: the groom and friends would have a bachelor party, and the bride would have a bachelorette party.

Stead and her bridesmaids woke up at dawn to finish their hair and makeup. When they had already restored beauty, one of the groom’s friends called her best friend to inform her that the groom had disappeared.

The girl realized that she was thrown almost at the altar, but did not want to abandon the planned celebration, in which 12,000 pounds sterling swelled. Surrounded by her beloved friends and family, Kaylie had a lot of fun at the wedding banquet. As expected, the father first took the girl to the altar. The bride performed at the wedding, gave a speech, danced and posed for wedding photos.

The party began with Kaylie waltzing along with the bridesmaids in blue dresses, singing along to Lizzo’s hit “Good as Hell”. Stead danced with her brothers and father before cutting and tasting the wedding cake.

The abandoned bride walked with friends along the path of sparklers. Kaylie did not deprive herself of the luxurious room in which she planned to spend her wedding night – she went to the bridal suite with a friend.

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