The British woman weighed 30 kilograms and almost died of anorexia. And now even Schwarzenegger will envy her muscles

A girl from Britain, Emily Brand, is preparing for the World Bodybuilding Championships, which will be held in October 2018, and yet more recently, due to bullying by her peers, she denied herself food. Emily weighed 30 kilograms, was fed through a tube inserted into her stomach, and could not move independently. And even then she thought she was too fat and ate too much.

Briton Emily Brand started having problems at school when she was 14, tells The Sun. Classmates called her fat, so she decided to lose weight by any means.

I was never too big, but other girls began to hurt me, to make all sorts of jokes. Then I began to strictly monitor my calories and overdo it.

Emily’s parents assured her that everything was fine with her, but her daughter did not believe them. At school, she stopped going to breakfast and lunch. As a result, the problem began to become dangerous for her health, and the girl was sent to the Ash Villa clinic, which deals with children with mental problems.

After undergoing treatment, Emily improved her condition and returned to school. But after two years in college, she started running long distances, and then her problems returned with even greater force.

I did a lot of sports, but I didn’t eat enough. I was a long-distance runner, and I am surprised that nothing ever happened to me. I just seemed to lose consciousness day after day.

The weight of a 16-year-old girl dropped to 30 kilograms, and she again needed the help of doctors. Her mother took her to the doctor, who, without a moment’s delay, transferred the patient to the district hospital in Peterborough.

My blood pressure was extremely low and I was really, really sick, but my brain wasn’t functioning properly. Even then I looked in the mirror and thought that I was terribly fat.

Emily was put on one drip after another, connected to a cardiac monitoring system, and she could only be fed through a tube.

They were going to feed me through a tube in my stomach, but I pulled it out. Then they wanted to tie me to the bed, but I promised that I would behave. And then she pulled it out again and threw it out the window until they saw it.

The girl spent ten days in this hospital. She was so weak that she could not walk. Emily moved only in a wheelchair. To solve her psychological problems, she was again sent to the Ash Villa clinic. Now for seven months.

One day something clicked in my head. I realized that I was just wasting my life. I even stopped seeing my friends, so I started eating. And it was not an easy struggle, but my condition gradually improved.

When the girl was discharged from the clinic, she already weighed 45 kilograms. Emily began to help her father on his farm to strengthen her condition and then began to go to the gym. She worked out with a personal trainer three times a week, and in 2016, at the age of 19, she entered a bodybuilding competition. There, Emily met one of the judges, who said that he could get her to perform on stage too.

And this guy didn’t disappoint. A year and a half later, Emily weighs 53 kilograms, works out in the gym six times a week, and eats about three thousand calories a day. Her breakfast consists of eggs, oatmeal, berries and protein shakes, and for lunch, she is served chicken and rice or salmon, turkey, and sweet potatoes. By the way, there is often a second dinner – with a steak and eggs.

Now Emily Brand has not only become a coach herself but also participates in bodybuilding competitions. In 2018, she won three times at various tournaments in Britain, and this was enough to qualify for the World Bodybuilding Championships in Birmingham, which will be held in October.

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