The caring husband learnt to style his wife’s hair when she couldn’t do it anymore

Many people might think that happily ever after can only be found in books, movies, and TV shows. Amazingly, the couple in today’s story were blessed with a deeply heartwarming connection that inspired countless others.

Andrew and Theresa, from San Antonio, Texas, were not an average couple. The lovers had always supported each other and had a special bond that amazed everyone who met them. Their love, commitment and dedication was evident in the little things they did for each other.

The couple’s foundations were so strong that when Theresa suffered a stroke, her loving husband rushed to take care of her. Without a word of complaint, he was always there to help her, staying true to the vows he had exchanged with her at their wedding.

And so, through thick and thin, sick and healthy, the lovebirds continued to hold hands, emerging strong and undefeated. Like a devoted life partner, Andrew was always by his wife’s side, helping her with daily chores.

Seeing his diligence and care for his beloved wife, a salon hairstylist, Andrea Gomez, thought of helping Andrew and made him a nice offer.
His unwavering commitment was manifested by the fact that he accepted the position of bus driver because the schedule allowed him to be close to Thérèse and meet her needs. Without frowning, he took on his goalkeeping role and executed it to the best of his abilities.

Everyone, including their children, family, friends and even strangers, were stunned every time they saw the couple together. Although Andrew had learned to help his wife with almost everything over time, there was one department he seemed to lack a bit.

It all started when the couple’s kiddos surprised their mom with a heart-melting gift on Mother’s Day 2018. They gave their mom a voucher for The Foundry Salon in New Braunfels, Texas. When she got home, she was overjoyed and couldn’t help but rejoice in her gorgeous new look.

Theresa loved her hairstyle so much that she tried to recreate it at home in the coming days. Unfortunately, her mobility issues made things cumbersome and she couldn’t get her dream hair. Seeing his wife’s predicament, Andrew knew he had to do something. And that is precisely what he did.

Andrew went to the same salon to spruce up his beautiful wife and bought all the hair products to create the perfect hairstyle at home. While making the purchase was easy, the man from Texas still struggled to master the technique.

Seeing his diligence and care for his beloved wife, a salon hairstylist, Andrea Gomez, thought of helping Andrew and made him a nice offer. She told the devoted husband that she would be happy to give him a tutorial so he could replicate the same hairstyle for his wife.

The next day, Andrew brought his wife and Andrea gave her a step-by-step live demonstration. The sweet moment was captured in a video shared on Facebook by another stylist from the same salon.

Raigan Kelley, who posted the video to his account, adored the couple and called Theresa “a lucky woman” to have an amazing husband like Andrew.

Many salon employees were amazed by Andrew’s willingness and dedication to learning hairdressing technique and called him an excellent student. The couple’s son, Steve, noted that his parents were initially confused and unsure how to react when their music video went viral.

However, when they realized the growing impact of their story and how it touched millions of viewers around the world, they were touched. With so much negativity, chaos and uncertainty in the world, Steve said he was relieved that “for the first time I could see in a while, people really appreciated something good”.

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