The cat, which became a star on the Internet

Hoshiko was born in 2014. His nickname in Japanese means “star child”. And he really is a star. As a child, Hosiko was such a cute and funny kitten that his owners posted photos of the baby on Instagram. Every day more and more people joined his fan club. Today, almost everyone in the world knows about Hosiko and is delighted with his photo. Everyone loves a golden fluffy kitten.

The cat only plays with new toys that get bored after a week. Laces, tree branches, paper balls, tennis balls, and the like are used as toys.

A fluffy pet is frightened by unknown people and places. If some thing is rearranged or shifted, then the cat is amazed: he cannot understand where the new thing came from and where the old thing went. If this object is not in the usual place for Hosiko, then it is dangerous.

Hosico is said to look like Puss in Boots from Shrek. And he is somewhat reminiscent of Garfield, a squirrel and a huge hamster.

Thanks to Hosiko, the Scottish Straight breed gained popularity. People are looking for kittens of a similar color in catteries. And this is not at all surprising, because he is really popular!

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