The couple could not find money for the wedding, but there would be a celebration

A couple from the UK was not going to have a luxurious wedding due to lack of money. But shortly before the celebration, the bride began to receive emails saying: the holiday is paid for. The main payer was her mother, who passed away a few months before the celebration.

Sam Sturdy and her fiancé Dave postponed the wedding celebration until the last minute, as they were not ready to spend money on it, but Sylvia, Sam’s mother, decided differently. Sam and Dave matched on a dating site in 2019, and between them instantly feelings flared up.

The couple, wasting no time in vain, decided to get married, planning a wedding ceremony for August 2020. But due to coronavirus restrictions, the wedding had to be postponed. However, there was another reason why Sam did not want to celebrate – her mother’s illness. Sylvia had inoperable lung cancer, which was diagnosed in the same year.

But the woman had such a strong desire to see her daughter in a wedding dress that Sam decided to play an “artificial” wedding at home, as she understood that her mother might not be in time for the official one. The bride’s intuition did not let her down – the woman died two months later. The daughter admitted that her mother was a very romantic nature, and her birthday also coincides with Valentine’s Day. Moreover, Sylvia constantly supported her daughter financially.

Sturdi assures that she tried many times to dissuade her mother from paying bills, but she simply silently transferred the money. After the death of Sylvia, the mood to celebrate disappeared completely. But everything changed dramatically when the bride began to receive checks by e-mail, which indicated that all expenses – from the florist to the restaurant – were paid.

Silvia, without the knowledge of her daughter, paid for the entire celebration literally on the eve of her death. The couple has scheduled a wedding for July 2021, where they are going to honor the memory of their mother in the best traditions, and promise that they will never forget her kindness.

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